Finally here in Ethiopia

Well it’s Tuesday here in Ethiopia!

We have not had any internet service until today.

The Virginia Beach Team left on Friday evening, and arrived in DC with no issues. Saturday morning we all got ourselves to Dulles without any problem. As we approached the Ethiopian Airline desk we were apprehensive of being overweight, but were prepared. As God would have it, the agent behind the desk was amazing, and was doing everything he could so that we would not be charged for over weight bags, and allowed us to check some carryon bags that were over weight due to wrong information on how much they should weigh.

All of our bags were taken, and we were not charged a penny. We asked for extra blessings for the agent! What a blessings. We made it through TSA with no issue and then onto the plane. Andrea was very pleasantl pleased to find a window seat after 6 previous flights with no window seat. 🙂

The flight was uneventful as was going back through the Ethiopian security check.

We arrived in Korah straight from the ariport and made it in time to worship with our friends at Meskana Church. It was great fun, and a wonderful experience. We played with some children and then off to our favorite pizza place for lunch at Metro Pizza.

As we were all falling asleep in our pizza we decided to go straight to the Catholic Guest House for rest and dinner.

Monday morning was VERY early so we could get on the road to Nekemte.

After a quick stop at Kaldi’s coffee(think Ethiopian Starbucks), it was on the road. The first part of the trip was smooth and comfortable. We arrived in Ambo for a wonderful lunch in the courtyard, and then on the road for an adventure. The rest of the trip was on unpaved road… oh goodness, can you say bumpy?! It was crazy bumpy. Our drivers were very good, and tried to keep off the bumps, but it wasn’t impossible. We were on this road for about 6 looooooong hours!!!

We did stop at one point to play with some children, stretch our legs and learned how to crack a whip. We saw many animals including monkey’s, donkey’s cows, and amazing birds.

We arrived at our hotel in the dark, had some dinner and then fell into bed.

We awoke on Tuesday morning to the sound of the Muslim call to prayer and off to the orphanage to do some work.

We are ready to be used, to play with babies, paint fence, clean the kitchen hang curtains and work for the Lord….

More to come…..

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4 Responses to Finally here in Ethiopia

  1. Aaron says:

    It’s 6 am here. I’ve been tired and for some reason God woke me up WAY early. I jump on Facebook and get info about my wife and others who are dear to my heart. THANK YOU GOD! Loving you all!

  2. Noah & Kenzie says:

    Hi Daddy! We miss you! We are being good. Don’t forget to take a picture of the kids when you give them the cards from the girl scouts. We love you!! Love Noah and Kenzie

  3. Karen says:

    So, what was wrong with Sami? Glad she is feeling better. Glad you are safely there and cannot wait to hear what God does with you now!

  4. Ed Johnson says:

    Continuing to keep you guys in prayer!!

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