It Takes a Village

You have heard the phrase, ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, well the same holds true for supplying all the needs for a mission team.

We have been collecting money to help offset the cost of travel as well as ministry items such as coal, food, shoes, clothing, housing and other items that God places before us to fund while we are in Ethiopia. But there are also items that are easier and cheaper to take from here and share when we arrive.

There is one item that literally brings life and that’s baby formula. The orphanages we visit are full of babies and if you have ever had or known babies…they can EAT! This formula is hard to come by and very expensive in Ethiopia and shipping it is crazy, so taking it with us is a blessing. Last year’s team took with us about 250 lbs of formula. When we arrived at the Widow’s and Orphans’ Home in Adama we were met with 11 babies and the nannies were down to 1 1/2 cans of formula to feed them. They saw our bounty and began praising the Lord. It was a gift from Heaven they said.

This year we are blessed to partner with Into the Streets of Ethiopia to take over another 100 lbs of life-giving formula. Please check out their site and see if they are an organization that you would like to support…they are pretty awesome!!!

Our next village member is helping us nurture the souls of the children through arts and crafts. Have you ever taken the time to sit with a child and do a craft together? To see the look on their face when they have completed a task and can see their handy work? There’s nothing like it. We are partnering with a very cool organization called Art For The Nations.

They are supplying us 2 bags of art supplies so that we can make connections with the children. We are very excited about this opportunity as well!

Thank you for supporting us and being part of the village!

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