God Funds What He Favors

Well the team is in the last stretch of fundraising and God is stepping up and showing off!

Friday night we had our last ‘big’ fundraiser at the church. It was to include a local Christian rap group, Raiderz of the Lost and they brought some friends to perform as well, a mime dance group that were phenomenal and a 2 man group named God’s Profit…I am still singing one of their songs….Do Somethin…

We had been sharing the information with our church friends, other youth groups, the local radio stations and anyone else we could think of…we were expecting a full house and huge crowd.

We set up and then waited for the big groups of people to show up…..

We waited …

and waited…

and waited…

…7p.m. rolled around, it was time for the bands to start and there were less than 50 people in the sanctuary. We decided to wait some more…perhaps more people would show?

The plan for the night was to request a 5.00 donation at the door for our team and then collect a love offering for the bands during the concert and the people in the sanctuary at 7pm were mostly their friends. We prayed and watched and prayed and watched some more, and still no big bus full of angels arrived.

We spoke to the bands and they agreed to still perform for the small crowd that had accumulated.

Our team was so disappointed in the turn out for them…but so blessed that they were still willing to perform for us. And perform they did! All 3 groups were God-filled and an amazing blessing!

We had a small video of our last mission trip that we played, we spoke for a bit about why we were there and what we were doing and what God was doing in the relationships He was building.

Then God showed us His Glory… the guys from Raiderz took a Love Offering for US! They stood before the people gathered and asked them to support us. One of them started it by opening his own wallet. I know our Team was blown away (are still blown away!) by the generosity and love that poured out of God’s people. Tiny children were taking money to the front…adults were coming forward…it was an overflow that we couldn’t have imagined!

God supplied over 900.00 on Friday night!

More importantly He supplied new friendships, new connections, and a humbling reminder that what we see as a disappointment can become the greatest blessing if we just trust in Him.

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