Our Ethiopian Itinerary

Now that we are approaching our travel date, it’s getting exciting. We are less than 60 days from our trip and there is still so much to do and supplies to collect.

We received our itinerary, and this helps to make it that much more real for us all.

We will arrive early on Sunday morning and head straight to Korah so that we can worship with our friends at the church. What a way to start the week huh?!

For the next several days we will be working along side our friends at Korah Mesgane Church distributing food, working with the church leadership, loving on the people that Jesus told us were the least of these…yet the greatest!

Time permitting we will be visiting the Fistula Hospitalย and then our friends at the Mercy Development Center in Addis. This center has 2 compounds, one each for boys and girls. They minister to the street children of Addis and bring them back to the compound, if they are willing, for shelter, love, food and education. It’s a wonderful ministry.

Somewhere in here we will be having lunch at Metro Pizza. It’s kind of a running joke that I have a favorite pizza joint in Ethiopia. ๐Ÿ˜‰

We will leave Addis and head out to Adama to visit our friends at the Orphans and Widow’s home. We will be hanging curtains, perhaps painting, and delivering items for the nurses station as well as loving on some beautiful children.

Then we will embark on our 10 hour bus ride West to Nekemte (Ne-Kem-t). This has been described as a sort of safari in a bus. Should be an adventure! I think we could use prayers for this trip. ๐Ÿ™‚

We will be visiting 2 remote orphanages and doing some work projects on a porch, painting, planting grass, hanging curtains and putting up metal siding. Any guys out there bummed they aren’t coming? You can come next time!

We will head out to another little orphanage in Gimbie to do some work and meet some children. Then it will be back to Addis and a quick day of packing, shopping and getting ready for home.

It’s a full schedule and one that is sure to provide ample opportunity to learn more about this amazing country, build relationships and strengthen old ones. We are all excited.

We would like to thank those of you that have already supported us! We are down to needing about 3000.00. What a huge gift! We have about 3 more weeks to complete our monetary goal. We believe we can do it!

You ARE part of the team!

If you would feel more comfortable sending a tax deductible check to support us here is that information:

Payable to: VBUMC
Memo: Ethiopia Mission
Address:Virginia Beach UMC
Attention: Ethiopia Mission
212 19th Street
Virginia Beach VA 23451

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