Why Are We Going?

Some people have asked why we are going to Ethiopia? Why not somewhere else? What do we think we can accomplish? Will 2 weeks really make a difference?

These are all good questions. Part of the answer is that Ethiopia is where my (Andrea’s) family has adopted from. We have 2 beautiful boys at home and 2 more coming. While in Ethiopia picking up our sons we found that the country is full of so much beauty in the midst of so much pain.

When praying one morning on Sunday School, I felt that God asked that we share the beauty of that country with others, and the only way I knew how to really get people to SEE it was to take them there.

Can we make that much of a difference in 2 weeks. Well no, not in the scheme of things. However in the last post about relationships we can make connections that last a life time.

That is actually our goal. Lifetime commitment. We aren’t just going to swoop in, save the day and swoop back out again. These trips are a means to an end that we hope will mean permanent relationships. We hope to partner officially with the church in Korah, so that we can help support that ministry. Our long range plan is to perhaps start a ministry in the colony for hiv+ women and children and other at risk people so that they might have a place to live and thrive and feel worth again.

This morning I was sent an email about a 3 yr old little girl who is in the hospital now dying from AIDS, her mother has just passed and her 10 yr old brother who is HIV- is going to be left alone. He will also be ostracized from the community.

These are the stories that break the heart. That for us provides a clearer picture and greater desire to do something to help. Even if it’s just to bring awareness.

If you support our trip financially you aren’t supporting a ‘fun’ 2 weeks in Africa. You are funding a vision trip to help open the eyes of some, share our hearts with others, and forge relationships that last a lifetime. We are still 6000.00 short of our goal.

Will you help?

You can donate online directly to our church, and your donation is tax deductible!
Here is the link to the website and here is a link to the online giving page.
Here are the steps:
1. Clink on the online giving link
2. Click on the link a the top of the page that says Online Giving
3. Input your information
4. Designate payment type
6. Enter the amount to donate and submit.

If you have any questions or issues please contact Andrea at better than good 10@ gmail. com. Also if you email Andrea with your Team designation and information you will receive a thank you gift.

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