Meet Tesfaye, our friend in Ethiopia

Tesfaye is an amazing young man. His family lives in Korah. He grew up there and found his meals in the dump as most other do, that live there.

One day someone came to the dump and saw his potential, lifted him out and began to save his life. Tesfaye’s story is one of fear, heartache, pain and hopelessness….until he was rescued.

He has chosen to use the gift he was given to give back to the people that he grew up with. He’s in school to become a computer engineer, and he uses all of his other time to help the people of his church care for those that are even more less fortunate in the colony.

This is a young man that ministers to the orphans, finds homes for young people that have come to him for help. He works with his pastor to provide for food and medical care. He and others literally carry the sick on their backs to the clinics for help.

Tesfaye has petitioned the government of Ethiopia to begin a ministry that will be recognized by them so that he can help the orphans and widows in the village that he ministers to.

He is full of faith and joy and blessings. He knows that He is working for God and sharing his life with the hopeless and helpless around him. When he emails, he asks us to share in his joy…or share in his pain. He struggles with the right words to say to the teenage girls that have found themselves orphans and alone. He prayed for a concrete floor for his church that was previously mud and dirt…God provided. He prayed for metal for the walls so that they would hold up in the wind and rain of the rainy season…God provided.

He prayed for a laptop to help him keep his ministry files together and help him in his field of work. God is providing.

He has become a brother. He is just one of the beautiful faces we are going to Ethiopia to visit. The money we raise will help him feed the people of his village, it will help provide coal for the people to cook that food, it will provide for his expenses. It will help provide for the people that he cares so much about.

Would you like to be part of our team? You CAN play a part in being a blessing to Tesfaye and his people.

You can donate online directly to our church, and your donation is tax deductible!
Here is the link to the website and here is a link to the online giving page.

Thank you for your support!

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