What We Are Up To

The team has been busily fundraising for our trip. We began our discussions in June of 2010 shortly after coming back from our April trip. We knew that God was leading us back.

We have had yard sales, chili cook offs, a night at Applebee’s and are individually working on funding. It’s a task that God has chosen to show us His grace with each step.

We have another yard sale coming on April 2 in Virginia Beach. We have been collecting items and filling up garages. 🙂

We will be rolling out a sponsorship program very soon for those that would like to support our efforts. We will be showing you how you can be part of our team without having to travel with us. Although there is still time to join us if you would like to… email Andrea at betterthan good 10@ gmail.com for more information.

The sponsorship program is designed to show you how your donations are being used, how they are helping the people of Ethiopia, and in turn blessing the team. Stay tuned!

Some of the sweet people we were able to visit and love on while there in April. We are excited to get back there and share again! Stay tuned for more info on our sponsorship program….

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