A quick moment at the Hilton

We are at the Hilton hotel for a moment to use internet. The computer Mark uses for the teams is broken so we stopped this morning to share some information with friends back at home.

We had a long bumpy ride out to Nekemte, VERY bumpy! Nekemte was filled with painting, fixing, enjoying time with babies and loving on the people.

Then on to Gimbie. Gimbie was an experience in God’s grace. A mom got to meet her future children.

God provided several team bonding moments. As well as the awesome opportunity to meet an amazing woman who has been in Gimbie as a missionary for 2 years.

Thank you all for your prayers! WE appreciate them!

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Finally here in Ethiopia

Well it’s Tuesday here in Ethiopia!

We have not had any internet service until today.

The Virginia Beach Team left on Friday evening, and arrived in DC with no issues. Saturday morning we all got ourselves to Dulles without any problem. As we approached the Ethiopian Airline desk we were apprehensive of being overweight, but were prepared. As God would have it, the agent behind the desk was amazing, and was doing everything he could so that we would not be charged for over weight bags, and allowed us to check some carryon bags that were over weight due to wrong information on how much they should weigh.

All of our bags were taken, and we were not charged a penny. We asked for extra blessings for the agent! What a blessings. We made it through TSA with no issue and then onto the plane. Andrea was very pleasantl pleased to find a window seat after 6 previous flights with no window seat. ūüôā

The flight was uneventful as was going back through the Ethiopian security check.

We arrived in Korah straight from the ariport and made it in time to worship with our friends at Meskana Church. It was great fun, and a wonderful experience. We played with some children and then off to our favorite pizza place for lunch at Metro Pizza.

As we were all falling asleep in our pizza we decided to go straight to the Catholic Guest House for rest and dinner.

Monday morning was VERY early so we could get on the road to Nekemte.

After a quick stop at Kaldi’s coffee(think Ethiopian Starbucks), it was on the road. The first part of the trip was smooth and comfortable. We arrived in Ambo for a wonderful lunch in the courtyard, and then on the road for an adventure. The rest of the trip was on unpaved road… oh goodness, can you say bumpy?! It was crazy bumpy. Our drivers were very good, and tried to keep off the bumps, but it wasn’t impossible. We were on this road for about 6 looooooong hours!!!

We did stop at one point to play with some children, stretch our legs and learned how to crack a whip. We saw many animals including monkey’s, donkey’s cows, and amazing birds.

We arrived at our hotel in the dark, had some dinner and then fell into bed.

We awoke on Tuesday morning to the sound of the Muslim call to prayer and off to the orphanage to do some work.

We are ready to be used, to play with babies, paint fence, clean the kitchen hang curtains and work for the Lord….

More to come…..

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Packed and Ready to Go

Bags packedWednesday night the team got together to pack all of our dona

tions. I LOVE packing parties because it’s a reminder of the¬†support we have from the community. It’s pretty¬†tremendous support!

We packed over 700 lbs of formula, candy, medical supplies, tools, clothing, shoes and other items.

DonationsWe are taking today to finish personal packing, tying up lose ends with work, resting and getting ready for our flight tomorrow.

Several of the team will be converging on Washington DC tonight. Our flight to Addis leaves at noon on Saturday, the 18th.

DonationsWe would first like to thank you all for your support, love, prayers and donations. We would not be here now without you all.

We ask for continued prayers for our team, those we will be coming in contact with, the team already on the ground, and our families left here in the states.

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Preparation and Praises

We leave in just over a week. It’s hard to believe that it’s almost here. We started the preparations for this trip in May of 2010. Speaking to people, adding to our team and beginning the process of preparing our hearts (and wallets).

The Lord has been faithful the whole way. When we would begin to doubt, He would show His glory!

Now we are at the last piece of preparation and are surely glorifying Him!

My dining room has a corner full of baby formula, candy, craft items, cloth diapers, medicines, personal gifts, and clothing. Other team members have clothing items, hand tools, candy, prosthetic legs and other medical supplies.

I have found today that my employer, a local health system, is going to help with medical supplies!! I think we may need extra baggage? ūüôā It’s a good problem to have.

We cannot thank you ALL enough for your help. Thank you to Ngan’s¬†friends who enjoyed Bud n’Brunch at her place and provided funds. We thank the people at St Andrews UMC¬†for their support! You provided monetary funds, items for the yard sale, your presence and your prayers. Even while in the midst of working to fund your own trip to Mozambique!

We give thanks for the people of Va Beach UMC! For your prayers, gifts, presence and always supporting us in amazing ways!

We give special thanks to those of you that gave through this blog, online. To a wonderful High School friend, an amazing cousin and a blessed new friend that we haven’t had time to hang out with often enough. Your gifts of support are priceless.

To those of you that came to each of our fundraisers and supported us with your presence and love, we praise God for you! Thanks to our co-workers that have stepped up and have shared both their money and many donated items!

This has been a journey of watching God work through those around us. We are so very excited to see how He will take those gifts and allow us to share them with the people in Ethiopia. We take each of you with us on this trip.

We covet your continued prayers as we continue on this journey!

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Fully Funded!! There is Still So Much To Do…

We found out this weekend that yet another generous donation has sent us over the edge for funding this portion of the Ethiopia Mission. We are over joyed and completely humbled by the outpouring of love and support from all over the country!

I say ‘this portion’ is funded because as mentioned before, this isn’t just about sending a team to Ethiopia this time. It’s about ongoing long-term relationships with the people there.

Any monies that we continue to raise will go to the Ethiopia Mission fund so that we can continue to help those relationships flourish.

We received the art and craft supplies this past week. Let me tell you they are quality stuff! Please take a moment to check this ministry out, and help support them if you can. We are continuing to collect formula, our local MOPS group is helping with that… thanks guys! We are also collecting candy and nursing supplies to share with the nannies and in Korah.
Please continue to pray for us, and if you are so led to continue to share monetarily.

The link above that says “How you can Help” will out line some of the ways your money can and will be used to continue to help our friends in Ethiopia. That list may be updated after this trip once¬†we can establish some more support options.

Thank you for being part of the team!

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Being the Change

We wanted to share with you our progress now that we are less than 30 days from our trip!

Due to your generous donations both online and those that have mailed checks, attended the Chili Cook-Off, donated yard sale items and came to purchase items we are now down to our last 500.00 needed to be raised!!!

We have received many generous donations from family, friends, and strangers that have now evolved into friends.

When we were at the concert with the Raiderz¬†of the Lost guys, it was said that not all people are called to, or can go on, mission trips. That is such a true statement! Not everyone is called to leave the country, or even your own back yard. We are all asked to do something…and it doesn’t matter if you are a person of faith…or what faith you may be. Helping those that are in need is just plain a good thing to do. But if you are a person that believes in Christ it’s a command straight from our Father. ūüėČ

There is a saying…and I don’t know who to give credit to…but it wasn’t me. It says: No one can do everything, but everyone can do something and together we can change the world.

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Collecting Supplies

As we get closer to our¬†travel¬†date we are beginning to collect supplies to take with us. These are great projects for Girl or Boy Scouts and other kids organizations or even women’s groups.

We are collecting candy for the kiddos¬†that we come into contact with, this was such a blessing to be able to share a little bit of fun with the kids. They don’t get treats like that often so it’s fun to see their¬†faces covered in lollipop goo and smiles on their faces.

We are also collecting items for a nurses station. General things like band aids, Tylenol,  antibiotic cream miscellaneous items that we take for granted,and are hard to find there.

If you have a group that would like to help please leave a comment on this post and let us know…. this is a tangible way that you can be a part of the team!

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